Settwell placed in Dokk1
The inspiring building Dokk1 is the home of Settwell Relocation in Aarhus.
Relocation and Immigration Provider of the Year 2018
Settwell named the Relocation and Immigration Provider of the Year 2018
Best Relocation Service Provider of the Year in Denmark.
Settwell to win 2016 Corporate Intl Global Award

Settwell Relocation
Rolighedsvej 9
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

Settwell Relocation
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, niveau 3 
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 3534 9295

Moving to Denmark?

Moving abroad is a lifetime opportunity to get to know a new country and culture. Logically many questions arise prior to relocating and in the following months settling in. Settwell Relocation has therefore collected information about Denmark that you may find useful. It may even be an information aid assisting during your entire expatriation.

Should you need further information, please contact the different organizations directly or ask your Settwell Relocation counsellor for advice.