ACE Mobility Alliance
Settwell Relocation has teamed up with the strongest and best proven mobility providers in the Nordics and Baltics.
Brookfield and Settwell score high satisfaction rate
We are proud to be one of Brookfield's destination service providers.
Settwell placed in Dokk1
The inspiring building Dokk1 is the home of Settwell Relocation in Aarhus.

Settwell Relocation
Rolighedsvej 9
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

Settwell Relocation
Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, niveau 3 
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 3534 9295


Spousecare is the leading provider of spousal support in Denmark.

We provide a complete range of services to assist your company in integrating new hires from abroad and their families. When you recruit specialists for top management or expert positions, not only should they feel welcome in their new surroundings but more importantly their family also needs to feel at home in Denmark to ensure a successful relocation.

Our most important task is to ensure that accompanying family builds a social network and assist them in creating a fullfilling life in Denmark where they feel at home and have their personal wants and needs fulfilled. Spousecare also has professional career consultants to help identify potential employers and jobs through active search in both published and non-published job opportunities, if the spouse wishes to continue his/her career in Denmark.

For more information about our programmes please contact Managing Director, Anette Pilmark at or visit our website: